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GSA HAS MOVED TO OUR BRAND NEW LOCATION!!! 10640 Deme Drive, Suite H, Indianapolis, IN 46236. GSA is having a Parents Night Out Saturday, Jan 20! Call 317-823-7734 to reserve your spot! GSA MLK Gym Jam will run 12:00-4:00 Monday, Jan 15!

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Boys All Star Gymnastics

How many times do you beg and plead with your little guy to stop jumping on the furniture? Better often do say "Downstairs or Outside" while he and his buddies are immitating flips and moves from their favorite super heroes?

GSA feels your pain and we have an option to channel that energy outside of your home. No more worries of broken limps or bruised sisters.  Enroll your super energetic guy into our recreational boys ONLY gymnastics class!



Call 823-7734 to register for a class today!!!!